A Surge in Shootings-Pol- NY Times “The Daily” Podcast 1:

A Surge in Shootings

Question (A Surge in Shootings)


Listen to the  Podcast “A Surge in Shootings” August 24th, 2020 https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/24/podcasts/the-daily/gun-violence-new-york.html .

According to the podcast, what are the three competing explanations for what is driving the surge in violent crime in NYC this summer?  Which of these theories do you find more convincing, and have you seen any evidence from news stories or your personal experience as to why this might be driving crime up?  

Debates about the root causes of a rise or decrease in crime are important because they influence policy decisions about what the police, courts and government should do.  What are the policy implications of the theory you find most convincing for the rise in crime and do you think that this will address the root issue?

A Surge in Shootings
A Surge in Shootings

Solution-A Surge in Shootings

               A Surge in Shootings

According to Podcast “A Surge in Shootings,” three theories explain the surge in shootings and murders in NYC. At first, the coronavirus pandemic has contributed to the rise of violent crime in the city because it has increased unemployment and poverty levels which are directly linked to violent crime. As some officers were sidelined due to the health measures, there were uninterrupted violence patterns in NYC. The other theory is that due to the protests and political climate behind the police department, many police officers had been deployed to contain the situation. Alongside the police standing down to prove their importance, there was an increased…………for help with this assignment contact us via Email Address: consulttutor10@gmail.com

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