What are the relevant corresponding issues between rulemaking and self-interest? Week 1 Discussion Forum PUB 647


Question (Rulemaking)

Week 1 Discussion Forum PUB 647

The explanation for formats for all weekly Discussion Meeting assignments will be held in a synchronous meeting on the first Monday evening of the course from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM.  This synchronous meeting may/will be taped for those students who may not be able to attend the meeting live.  Discussion Meeting assignment question for Week 1 will be used as the template for the future discussion meetings.

The Discussion Meeting question for Week 1 is:

What are the relevant corresponding issues between rule making and self-interest in the assigned reading from Chapter 1 in the Kerwin & Furlong’s textbook?



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The beginning of the week for this term will always be Mondays.

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                    Discussion Forum 1 Pub 647

Rulemaking is significantly based on our conception of human nature. During rulemaking, the link between human government and human nature should be well understood (Kerwin & Furlong, 2018). Regarding the question, “what is the driving force of human nature with which rulemaking must contend?” I agree with the Hobbesian response of self-interest. Individuals are unequally driven by self-interest, but considering the use of power, people with excessive amounts of it seem to be the most dangerous and most influential. Thus rules should be made to curb people with excessive amounts of self-interests rather than accommodate benign altruists (Kerwin & Furlong, 2018).…………for help with this assignment contact us via Email Address: consulttutor10@gmail.com


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