The Toughest College Test You’ll Ever Take


If your professor asked you to kick your social networking habits, do you think you could do it?  Can you go without Facebook, cell phones or the Internet for a week?  For A day?  A University of Minnesota professor challenged her public relations class to go five days without media or gadgets that didn’t exist before 1984.  Out of the 43 students in the class, just a handful made it even three days without new technology.  among those who didn’t one student said, “My mother thought I died.”  How long could you go without any social media?  What types of issues might you encounter without constant connection to your friends?  How has social media affected society?  How has social media affected businesses?


The Toughest College Test You’ll Ever Take

It isn’t easy today without social media. I would only go for one or two days without social media because I do a couple of jobs on social media, so it earns me something. Thus, I would lose money when I stop using social media for a long time. Today it is almost impossible to do without social media because it has become a good part of our lives as good as anything that matters. I once attempted to uninstall some apps or unfollow some sites or people that I thought were taking a lot of my time, but after only one day, the craving to check out my accounts has always overpowered my will …………for help with this assignment contact us via Email Address:

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