The Relationship of United States with Native Americans


Research some aspect of the history of Native American relations in the United States.  You may choose to focus on more distant history—the Indian Wars, the establishment of the reservation system, boarding schools, and the like—or more recent events—The Dakota Access Protests at Standing Rock, the American Indian Movement (AIM), Indian gaming, the mascot controversies, and so on.   Make sure to weave together the specific and the structural.  Don’t just make this a report; analyze your information as you go along.  Why has the United States’ relationship with indigenous people been so complicated?  Did it have to be that way?  Why or why not?


          The Relationship of United States with Native Americans

There were bloody conflicts over the natural resources and land, which adversely affected the relationship between the Native Americans and the white settlers in the early days of European colonization. According to Abbott (2013), the European settlers used various techniques to take away the land belonging to the Native Americans, such as the declaration of wars, forcible removal, and negotiation of treaties. Before the Indian reservation system, the Indian Removal Act of 1830 established the practice of forcing indigenous people off their lands for European settlement. Five civilized tribes, specifically Chickasaw, Seminole, Creek, Choctaw, and Cherokee, were forcibly relocated by the US government to territories that would become the states of Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska (Richard, 2005). In 1851, The Indian Appropriation Act permitted the development of the reservations in Oklahoma, which led to the spread of the reservation system to other states (Abbott, 2013). According to the US government, the reservation systems would be an effective technique to grab the land from the indigenous people. Through the reservation system, the US government envisioned that they would be able to keep the indigenous people under their control, specifically not allowing them to leave the reservations without their permission.

The relationship between the Native Americans and the white settlers was very complicated because most of the indigenous people resisted the establishment of a reservation system, thereby resulting in a series of clashes known as the Indian wars. The US Army successfully relocated the indigenous people onto reservations following their victories in battle and a series of bloody clashes……………for help with this assignment contact us via email Address:

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