Stonewall Manufacturing Case Study


You are an HR Director at Stonewall Manufacturing, a rapid prototype development company, headquartered in Norwalk, MA, with operations across the US.  The following results were recently compiled by your HR Business Partner and based on a supply analysis of managerial positions/roles.  Based on this analysis, you need to prepare a recap to Stonewall’s CEO that summarizes what roles the company should be investing as well as which ones are likely to require fewer employees in the future. 

Week 3 Assignment Data

Stonewall Manufacturing – Analysis of Managerial Roles

Consideration… what managerial roles should Stonewall be investing in as well as which ones are likely to require fewer employees in the future?

Based on this analysis, you need to prepare a recap to Stonewall’s CEO that summarizes your assessment as follows:

  • Identify two roles where you feel Stonewall will have a shortage of employees that could most significantly impact its future business strategy.  For each of the two roles, address the following:
    • Employee Development: In order to develop existing Stonewall employees into these roles, what are the top tasks, knowledge, and skills needed for each role
    • Retention Focus Areas: Knowing that we want to focus on retaining employees in these positions, what are important work values that Stonewall should consider from a retention perspective
    • Alternative Sourcing: As Stonewall searches for candidates to fill these roles in the future, what related occupations or roles could we consider for recruiting
  • Identify one role where you feel we will have a contraction in our future need

Submit your assessment as a written memo to the CEO.  The memo should be a maximum of 4 pages, plus an additional page for reference citations, as needed. Answer your questions using the quantitative data (both supplied as well as from O*, and outlining the logic of your assessment (i.e., why you recommended what recommended).  You are welcome to use other research or supporting information to further your assessment


 Stonewall Manufacturing Case Study

Within the seven managerial roles analyzed in Stonewall Manufacturing, electrical engineer and the infrastructure systems supervisor roles were identified that are likely to experience a shortage of managers, thus affecting the company’s future strategy. The electrical engineer managerial role highly supports Stonewall’s business strategy, but as the average historic attrition rate shows, it has already lost a significant number of managers and is likely to lose even more in a few years through retirement because 40% of its workforce is eligible for retirement in the next few years. Despite this potential problem, there are many subordinates under these managerial roles but few managers who also affect the productivity of this department whose role is significant in the company’s future business strategy as implied by a projected need of 5 to 10%. Moreover, the information system supervisor role is also significant to the business strategy, and its headcount is at budget.  However, this position has a high historic rate, meaning that it has lost many managers in the past, and as compared to other roles, 31% of information system supervisors eligible for retirement shows that this position is likely to have a shortage of managers in the future. Despite being the managerial role that will be most needed if the business remains the same with a projected need of 8 to 1o%, there are only 22 managers responsible for 396 subordinates. As a result, in order to enhance future business strategy, Stonewall Manufacturing needs to take measures to prevent the potential shortage of members.

Regarding the electrical engineer role, the company needs to develop the existing employees under this workforce into these roles through offering potential training and enhancing cross-departmental collaboration (Hosmer 2015). providing the employees with the resources and tools they need to perform their tasks well and providing a knowledge base of critical information will help develop them……………for help with this assignment contact us via email Address:

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