Topic summary: Declining Birth Rates


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                               Declining Birth Rates

Countries all over the world are continuing to experience a fertility bust and population stagnation (Cave et al., 2021). This situation has made first birthday parties a rare case with more funerals and empty homes. According to Cave et al. (2021), “once you could hear the babies in the nursery cry, and it was like music,” but “now there is silence and a feeling of emptiness.” The era of high fertility is declining because women all over the world have gained more access to contraception and education. As anxieties associated with childbearing continue to increase, more women delay pregnancies, leading to few babies being born. The birthrate is falling even in counties like Mexico and India, which are long associated with fast population growth. For instance, in Italy, maternity wards are decreasing each day; ghost cities have become common in northeastern China following the low birth rates. Additionally, in Germany, too much property has been converted into parks. Even though some countries are registering an increase in population, particularly in Africa, fertility rates are decreasing everywhere else (Cave et al., 2021). Demographers make predictions that the global population by the latter half of the century will have entered a sustained decline. Low fertility rates have led to more retirees and fewer workers in the economy, therefore, affecting the organization of these economies.

 In East Asia and Europe, responses and ramifications have begun to appear whereby the governments in these countries are struggling to balance the needs of the aged population with the needs of the young population. Also, declining birth rates have pushed individuals from the rural towns to the big cities creating a two-tiered society……………for help with this assignment contact us via email Address:

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