Sociology assignment: Lower Manhattan


Like the Pacific Northwest, New York City is facing a major disaster of its own: scientific models show that about 37% of the Lower Manhattan will become prone to the effects of storm surges (see the second reading). Note that the plan to prevent flooding does not cover other low laying areas such as Brooklyn. The floods will inevitably have a significant impact on the city’s economy, transportation, jobs, etc. Will you consider these risks when deciding where to live and what jobs to take in the next few years? Explain your answer 

second reading


Sociology assignment                                                               

I will consider the risks associated with climate change before deciding on which career to take and where to settle in the next few years simply because it is evident that most jobs and settlement areas will be affected by these risks. First, reports from studies have proven that climate change will pose calamitous effects faster than previously believed if there is no meaningful action taken……………for help with this assignment contact us via email Address:

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