Money Makes the World Go Round


“Words can be intelligible, cultural and storied. It may mean different things to you and to others. It may have one, several to many meanings, depending on where and who you are.”

Pick one word or one phrase you feel you can write about to show you understand this.

According to Communications and Culture:

1. Define it.

2. Explain its significance and meaning to you and us in our society

3. connect/refer to some topics /concepts from course lectures and/or course textbook only。

Other external book references will not be accepted.

APA citation and references not required. No Cover Page Required – name and section on page header right


                       Money Makes the World Go Round

The phrase “money makes the world go round” will help show that words can have one or several meanings, be intelligible, cultural, and storied and mean different things to different people. This phrase means that money is essential that so many things in the world cannot happen or exist without it existing. Additionally, the phrase shows that money is so important that a lot of things depend on it. Considering the various approaches to arrive at truth, specifically objectivism, subjectivism, and constructivism,  and different cultural views of money, the phrase “money makes the world go round” may have different meanings.

At first, being objective or based on what one can see, physically money does not make the world go round but based on evidence provided by social sciences, money have become an important commodity in the economic system, and people sell goods and services for money which they use it to buy other goods and services. Money has become the general medium of exchange. Thus, based on this significance of money, the phrase “money makes the world go round” means that it is difficult to lead a satisfying and progressive life without money in the current world……………for help with this assignment contact us via email Address:

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