Being Thirteen Review



(A) WATCH a good part of this documentary on your own time called: Being Thirteen: Inside the Secret World of Teens (CNN)(the video is 42:55 min; watch enough of it to get a sense of the message). Watching the whole documentary is great too. 

Your written response will include: 

(1) Summarize the main findings of the video report (that you watched) AND reflect/give your take on it.

(2) What resonated with you? Why. 

(3) Share your own experience with social media when you were a young teen. At what age did you have your first social media account (i.e., Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Tik Tok, or others)? At what age did you get your first cell/Smart phone? Did you have negative or positive experiences with it? 

(4) Then, from Social and Emotional Development in Adolescence,  Adolescent Risk Factors, The Physical and Psychological Impact of Puberty

discuss how these concepts can be impacted briefly (negatively, positively, or both) by social media (concepts may include for example, identity, morality, religion, social status, parent relations, self-esteem, school work, risky teen behavior, mental health, physical health, and so on. Please BOLD concepts and underline the concepts.


                                            Being Thirteen Review

The documentary known as “Being Thirteen: Inside the Secret World of Teens” reveals shocking findings of a study that CNN conducted to investigate the reasons why students of thirteen years old are so much engrossed with social media, along with the advantages and the disadvantages of social media to the students. From this awesome informative video, findings reveal that most teens check their social media feeds severally in a day for many reasons. Some check to ascertain that other students are not talking about them. Others want to make sure that their friends are not doing things without them, while others are interested in seeing how many likes and comments they get on their posts. Most of the students are using social media for popularity. They value status so much to the extent that they can buy favorites and likes on Facebook and Twitter. Through this documentary, I learned the benefits and the disadvantages of social media. I understand that social media can be a place of acceptance, support, honesty, and communication. However, it can still be a place of gossiping, sabotaging others, backstabbing friends, and venting anger……………for help with this assignment contact us via email Address:

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