Sale of Organs as an Inappropriate Practice


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Sale of Organs as an Inappropriate Practice

More than a million patients have benefited from organ transplants over the last half-century (Crepelle, 2016). With their lives improved and extended, credit goes to the creativity and dedication of health professionals and the generous acts of both deceased and living organ donors. However, today, higher rates of kidney disease hinder many patients from having a transplant that could improve their lives. For instance, in Iran, donors are paid through a well-sanctioned government program, but the country is yet to eliminate its waiting list (Andorno, 2020). In the US, this has led to proposals of lifting the prohibition on the sale of organs. Consequently, some believe that the sale of organs is acceptable, while others believe it is inappropriate. Considering religious, ethical, political, and practical concerns and principles, the sale of organs is inappropriate because it harms the existing voluntary donation programs, favors financially stable patients and creates more problems in increasing the supply of organs. Inappropriate means something that is not suitable for a particular situation or occasion, thus sale of organs is an inappropriate way of dealing with organ shortage in the world …………for help with this assignment contact us via Email Address:

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