Response to Madea by Euripedes


Read the play, Madea by Euripedes. 

Each response should be detailed and demonstrate that you’ve read and understand the play. Each post should be 250-300 words and your response post should be 150-200 words. Remember this is an English course and therefore, all assignments should be completed using the standard grammar rules. Spelling and complete sentences as well as subject/verb agreement is important. Also, be sure to choose the correct form of the word to convey your intended message (e.g. they’re, there, their). 

Discussion Question Prompt: What do you first think of Madea? Her character, her personality, her situation? Remember to answer in detail, giving specific examples from the play.



In “Madea” by Euripedes, I think Medea’s anger is justifiable, and even if what she does next is still understandable, her actions unjustifiable. Medea was capable and clever in a Greek society that did not value any women trait. Regarding her situation, she was coercedinto joining a quest that burned all her ties with her family and took her to a foreign land that treated her as a barbarian. She has been taken to Corinth by her husband Jason, who took her away from her homeland of Colchis when she fell in love with him. However, Jason falls in love with a  new girl, the princess of Corinth, and decides to dump Medea and marry this new girl instead …………for help with this assignment contact us via Email Address:

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