Research Topic Statement


Select a research paper topic/issue, compose a well-developed of at least 250-300 words (about 1 page) paragraph identifying your topic/issue and the purpose of your research paper. Include mention of what specific points or topics you envision in your research paper and what kind of research you will still need to find. You can also include an explanation on how  your thinking on your topic and purpose has or has not changed as a result of completing this assignment. Your main objective is to explain how you envision the paper coming together for you. *The use of personal I statements are perfectly fine for this part of the assignment.*No outside sources required for this part

Part 2 Overview:

Formulate a preliminary thesis statement that you will use for your argumentative research paper. The thesis should indicate to the reader the side of the issue being supported. You will have time as your paper comes together to revise your thesis statement as needed.

*Avoid the use of personal I statements when drafting the thesis statement.

 *Thesis statements are not in the form of a question.*


                                     Research Topic Statement

College education is considered important because most people who attain it end up in good careers, well-paying jobs, and become productive. Despite the numerous benefits of college education, the cost of attaining it has drastically risen over the last few decades. Therefore, with high tuition fees charged in colleges, many people, especially those from low socioeconomic status, miss out on the opportunity to attain higher education.  Starting from Bernie Sanders’s free college plan that requires the government to pay for all college tuition fees, there has been debate on whether the federal government should establish free college education …………for help with this assignment contact us via Email Address:

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