Research Proposal: Effects of Remote Learning on Students Academic Achievement During COVID


Write a 1-2 page of a brief research proposal. 

In the proposal, define what is your research question, what is the background of that question, your research design, participants and variables

In this Research Proposal I want to write about the effects of remote learning for elementary grade school students between the ages of 5-12. I would like to question if remote learning resulted in significant academic learning loss compared to in person learning and etc. 

Please see the attached file for an EXAMPLE of what needs to be listed in the proposal and outline of the proposal. (It is just an example, that is not the topic I want to write a proposal on) 

Effects of Remote Learning on Students Academic Achievement During COVID



Effects of Remote Learning on Students Academic Achievement During COVID


During conflicts, disasters, or illnesses, remote learning is among the efforts schools and teachers use to continue providing instructional opportunities for students. For instance, when the coronavirus pandemic distracted the daily school routines, schools were not only forced to shut their doors to limit the spread of the virus but also to make a rapid and unprecedented transition to delivering remote instruction. Even though prior studies have shown that in-person learning provides the most effective instruction and student learning, the schools and teachers had no choice but to shift to remote learning.  After a year of remote learning amid the coronavirus pandemic, there were questions about the effectiveness of this strategy and whether it led to a significant loss for students social-emotionally and academically. According to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also suggested remote learning “might present more risks than in-person instruction related to child and parental mental and emotional health and some health-supporting behaviors.”.  All these are predictors of a student’s academic achievement.

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