Leadership Communication Analysis Paper


This assignment provides you with the opportunity to apply selected course concepts to a self-analysis of your own leadership communication competencies. You will use the self-assessments and reflections as a basis for your paper. The paper should be highly reflective, analyze your strengths and weaknesses and establish goals for continued advancement. Your goal setting should include strategies on how you will achieve those goals as well as a timeline for achieving them.

Format: The Analysis Paper will be 7 – 10 double-spaced pages, following the APA 7th edition Style Guide. It should be written with proper English grammar and spelling in academic style. The paper should be organized according to APA guidelines with a title page, an abstract, an introduction that contains a strong thesis, three well developed sections in the body of the paper on various aspects of your leadership communications competencies, and a strong conclusion. You should include leadership communication self-assessment instruments completed in week one in the appendix of the paper. You may need to scan them to PDF files to include in the paper.



In my final leadership communication analysis paper, I will explain my three takeaways for enhancing my leadership communication from this course. They include enhancing storytelling, active listening, and delivering a good presentation. Additionally, I will discuss my leadership communication, emotional intelligence, and cultural competence with regard to the self-assessments.

                                 Leadership Communication Analysis Paper

Effective communication is a vital component of successful leadership. In the Leadership Communication course, I evaluated my leadership communication, emotional intelligence, and cultural intelligence and identified my strengths and weaknesses that I need to improve. This course also helped me learn various best practices that can make me skillful in delivering messages and creating influence. Specifically, these bests practices include mastering the arts of storytelling, active listening, and viewing a presentation as a conversation with the audience. Improving these skills would enhance my presentation as a leader (Westfall, 2018). By improving on these skills and concepts and maintaining my strengths, this paper explains that I will enhance my leadership communication, make my message matter, and be influential.

I measured my leadership communication capability by completing Dr. Deborah Barrett’s self-assessment at the beginning and end of the course. The assessments included 12 different categories of leadership competencies. Even though throughout the course I could identify areas that needed improvement, the rankings regarding my strengths did not fluctuate. At the end of the course, I still scored highest in controlling my own emotions, written communication, audience analysis strategy, and dealing with others.   Just like I was at the begging of the course, in the end, I was good at creating external communication strategies, dealing with my own feelings, selecting the best medium for communication, communicating to stakeholders, and tailoring messages to fit different audiences……………for help with this assignment contact us via email Address: consulttutor10@gmail.com

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