Reflection on the movie “Meet the Robinsons”


Please watch the movie Meet the Robinsons

and then write a one-page double-spaced reflection on how it relates to PSYCHOLOGY.


                                 Reflection on “Meet The Robinsons”

In the movie “Meet the Robinsons,” the developmental psychology of adopted children and orphans is more evident in the character Lewis. He is not only an orphan but also a genius child who was abandoned by his mother when he was only an infant at the Sixth Street Orphanage. Lewis longed for a family of his own, but all his attempts to get adopted failed. This made him saddened over the years, which resulted in him working tirelessly on a memory machine invention with the hope of finally seeing the mother who abandoned him.

 Like Lewis, most adopted children face different challenges while growing up. These children struggle with childhood trauma, the meaning of being adopted, and may also experience feelings of sadness and loss……………for help with this assignment contact us via email Address:

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