Video Report 3


Watch in its entirety one of the below documentary films. Then compose a well-informed and well-written essay (400-800 words) that briefly summarizes the scope of the movie and offers some critical reflection. You must comment on at least three specific moments (citing the appropriate time marker) and make at least one connection between a moment in the film and course materials (either a reading, citing by author and page number, or a lecture, citing by lecture number and time marker).


 Video Report 3

Janis Joplin had extraordinary talent, especially in a time when there were few female blues and rock and roll artists (Borgo 4). However, despite her overwhelming interest and talent in singing, aside from this role, Professor Borgo states that she can be viewed as a nonconformist who envisioned changing the limiting norms in a patriarchal society (4). She was also an integral part of the 1960s’ counterculture movement, a period characterized by widespread dissemination of free, love, and hallucinogenic drugs, and just like other performers, she attempted to impact the change through the reflection of her life. Therefore, Joplin was an extraordinarily talented female artist, but the key thing about her is that she was in a revolt against a patriarchal system.

At first, Joplin was a victim of sexism earlier in life through bullying including the harassment by some boys in high school as narrated by her younger sister, Laura Joplin, and……………for help with this assignment contact us via email Address:

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