Psychology of Love: Relationships in Pop Culture


Relationships in Pop Culture: Music, Movies, and TV. We can learn a great deal about cultural expectations and beliefs about relationships from the ways in which they are portrayed in entertainment mediums such as music and film. Please analyze a song or film with an emphasis on the message being conveyed about relationships. What myths or cultural beliefs and expectations are being transmitted? Do expectations differ for different groups of people, or do they apply toward everyone? Does the message indicate what will happen if these expectations are not met? Who is the target audience of the message? Support your analyses with concepts drawn from readings and class discussion. Paper length: 4 pages

Each project provides hands-on experience in presenting data and thinking critically about the implicatios of your findings. Each project requires a 4-page essay that should be turned in at the beginning of class on the day it is due. Please use APA format.  


Psychology of Love

Relationships in Pop Culture

In modern society, Pop culture, particularly music and films, has influenced romantic relationships. As we have moved towards a culture that is more open to discussion about love, sex and intimacy, romantic relationships, especially among young people, have been often discussed in Pop music and films. As a result, Pop culture has shaped young people’s perceptions, expectations and beliefs about romantic relationships. Of interest is the song “Cardigan” by Taylor Swift, which emphasizes teenage love from a perspective of a young girlfriend who had high expectations about her romantic relationship.  Even though the girl expected love and company from her boyfriend, she is cheated on, and now she is haunted by the memory of his infidelity. Even though the understanding of romantic relationships among teenagers has changed over time, this paper will discuss how the Pop song “Cardigan” sends the message that society has conditioned teenagers are expected to expect and want romance and have a partner.

At first, Taylor’s song shows how it is in a romantic relationship as a teenager, thus emphasizing the message that young people should expect to date and fall in love at the age of probably 17. This is consistent with what teenagers take from the general pop culture and the media. The first verse of the song shows the mood in teenagehood, where the excitement over new cell phones and wearing vintage T-shirts symbolizing freedom when young adulthood is still new. Society expects young people to have the same excitement in trying relationships through dating and falling in love. Additionally, through one of the most repeated lines, “when you are young, they assume you know nothing”, the song implies that in early adulthood, people are supposed to understand much about romantic relationships, such as love in them and pain that they can cause. Therefore, teenagers should have an intimate understanding of what to expect and do in a relationship …………for help with this assignment contact us via Email Address:

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