Changing Belief Reflections


Changing Belief Reflections

The purpose of this activity is to help you monitor how your beliefs related

to mental illness and treatment change throughout the term. You should be able to compare and analyze how your thinking/beliefs are different now than before.

Task: Your initial task is to contemplate and give serious consideration to the

following questions:

1. How do people use stereotypes to describe and react to people who suffer from a mental illness?

2. Would you seek treatment if you were experiencing symptoms or having trouble functioning in your life? Why or why not?

3. How can we measure the level of distress and dysfunction as related to mental


4. How do we describe and explain the source(s) of mental illnesses?

Post your brief (one paragraph for each questions) responses to the above questions in our Discussion Forum. Use APA’s standards for documentation when citing sources used in your postings. 


                                 Changing Belief Reflections


The common stereotypes about people with mental disorders include that they are violent and aggressive, unpredictable and unreliable, and cannot communicate with them. As a result of this stigma, there is discrimination against people with mental disorders, especially finding work, getting into steady relationships, and generally inclusion in mainstream society. Initially, I believed this to be true, but even though these symptoms apply to some mental disorders, they do not apply to all disorders.


I would seek help if I had trouble functioning in my life because I wouldn’t wait for a desperate situation or a meltdown to seek it. Even though it is unnecessary to seek help for every little struggle encountered in life, sometimes it can be important because sometimes, when one feels slightly off, it is challenging to figure out what it is by oneself. Therefore, instead of ignoring the symptoms, it is important to seek help before life becomes unmanageable.

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