Practitioner as Collaborator


Identify a current issue in your community that relates to human services and resonates with you.
Potential issues include but are not limited to the following:Systemic racismUnemployment access EldercareIntimate partner violenceFamily reintegration post-incarceration
Describe a current issue in your own community that relates to human services and resonates with you. What resources and services could be used to help people affected by the issue?If you were a human services professional practitioner working with people affected by the issue, how would you connect those people to the resources and services?
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Geroski, A.M. (2017). Skills for promoting change. In skills for helping professional (pp. 203-232). SAGE.


Practitioner as Collaborator

In Philadelphia, when ex-offenders are released from prison, they tend to have unrealistic expectations for returning to normal life, especially those who served long sentences. For instance, they face advances in skills and technologies essential to fit in the current job markets. Already ex-offenders already face numerous obstacles such as stereotypes while trying to enter the job market; thus, when they return with the disadvantage of lack of training and skills, they face a high likelihood of employment. They increase the risk of mental health and recidivism among ex-offenders in Philadelphia.

Therefore, to help ex-offenders successfully reenter society and sustain their lives, there should be education, job training, substance abuse treatment, mental health care, mentoring, and counseling. ……………for help with this assignment contact us via email Address:

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