On Economic Justice and Justice as Fairness


How does Rawls characterize the original position? Are there ways in which the Difference Principle is compatible with the Ethics of Care? In what ways can the two theories conflict one another?


                           On Economic Justice and Justice as Fairness

In John Rawls’ book “A Theory of Justice,” he proposed that the principles of justice are those that would be selected by mutually disinterested and rational original position’s parties. The original position’s fundamental features are that these parties who represent the members of society will select the principles without recourse of different facts regarding either society or themselves. Regarding various facts pertaining to the society, the original position features a “veil of Ignorance” that hides information about those represented by the parties, and those of the society represented will find themselves in when the Veil is lifted. However, this Veil does not hide some general facts about society, particularly those given consensus among social sciences experts.  Additionally, the original position’s parties are responsible for selecting principles specified in terms of various primary goods such as wealth, social bases of self-respect, positions of power and responsibility, liberties, and opportunities, as well as their distribution. Moreover, what the parties choose is regulated by the conception of the highest order interests of an individual. These highest order interests entail the development and exercise of an individual’s two moral powers, specifically, the pursuit of the conception of the good as well as the sense of justice and capacity for the conception of the good. Furthermore, in a pluralistic society, the principles selected in the original position would be stably and widely acceptable……………for help with this assignment contact us via email Address: consulttutor10@gmail.com

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