What makes a life worth living?


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What makes a life worth living?

What makes your life worth living? In 1-2 pages, explain your idea of what makes life meaningful and compare/contrast your view with Socrates’ idea that philosophy makes life worth living. Your discussion post should address the following:

  • Your own ideas about what makes life worth living
  • The difference between philosophy and sophistry
  • Socrates’s account of the philosophical life


                                              What makes a life worth living?

My life is worth living because I feel that I grow through learning new things and improving my ability and knowledge in the things that I do and learn as well as the relationships I have with people close to me especially my family members. Additionally, life is meaningful to me because I don’t like spending my time on negativity, pessimism, or unproductive activities because I know I will never get that time back, and it drains my energy. I would rather spend time being a positive person and do things I love to do and really enjoy.  Thus, I believe that finding a purpose which includes being the best in what one does or being the best son, daughter, friend, brother, sister, mom, or dad you can be. Thus by finding a purpose, I believe one can get closer to being the person we’re destined to be. For one to live a meaningful life, it is important to figure out what you’re curious about and the activities that excite or make you happy. For instance, something to think about and ask oneself when looking for a dream job or career. Even though I am not perfect, I am self-aware enough to avoid mentally, emotionally, and spiritually spending too much time in a “bad” place. Therefore, life is meaningful if one works in progress and strives to better our character daily. Progress is the ultimate key to one’s happiness and shapes life’s meaningfulness……………for help with this assignment contact us via email Address: consulttutor10@gmail.com

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