Mistrust between The US and The Soviet Union


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Why were the United States and the Soviet Union suspicious of each other after World War II, and what events that took place between 1945 and 1949 heightened the tensions between the two nations?

To what degree has the recent history of Canada resembled or contrasted with that of its close neighbor, the United States?

What major social, cultural, and intellectual developments have occurred in Europe since 1945, and how have they changed the character of European society?


Contemporary World History William J. Duiker, 2021 Cengage ISBN.13: 978-0-357-36486-4


                  Mistrust between The US and The Soviet Union

After World War II, different beliefs between the US and the Soviet Union caused suspicion between them. The USSR was a Communist state whose leader did not value human rights. On the other hand, the US was a capitalist democracy which cared more about freedom. Due to these varying lifestyles, the superpowers became suspicious about each other’s actions and motives. Consequently, the inability to understand each other caused friction between the two countries.  Each side wanted to despise the other’s way of life and prove that their way of life was better and superior leading to a confrontation. According to Betts (2017), the resulting actions helped create the Cold War.

Moreover, both superpowers had very different aims. The Soviet Union demanded huge reparations from Germany and expected its allies to protect it from further German attacks. In the Soviet zone in eastern Germany…………for help with this or any other assignment contact us via Email Address: consulttutor10@gmail.com

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