Challenges Faced by China Between the Two World Wars


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What were the primary objectives of U.S. President Woodrow Wilson at the Versailles Peace Conference, and how did they differ from the postwar aims of other Allied nations?

What challenges did China encounter between the two world wars, and what solutions did the Nationalists and the Communists propose to resolve them?

How would you compare the peace settlement after World War II with the Treaty of Versailles in 1919? Do you think the settlement signed at Potsdam was better or worse than its predecessor?


Contemporary World History William J. Duiker, 2021 Cengage ISBN.13: 978-0-357-36486-4


                Challenges Faced by China Between the Two World Wars

China encountered many different problems between the two world wars. There was a lot of trouble in the government, which caused unrest between the people and the officials who were high ranking in government. There were many different proposed solutions by Nationalists and Communists as well.

At first, China’s political forces were too weak and divided to consolidate their power, especially during the instability. Some of the problems faced by the country of China were the division and the separation of the nationalist and the communist people (Dreyer, 2014). They also faced challenges on the seizing of power. The solutions that came up at the time were that the communists wanted the decline of the traditional conservative ways. They also wanted to push for more progressive ideas and the freedom of thoughts. …………for help with this or any other assignment contact us via Email Address:

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