Learning Strategies and Teaching Tips


Refer to the specific reading assignment from Sun Protection Outreach by Students:  The Adolescent Brain – Learning Strategies and Teaching Tips.

In thinking about a lesson you have experienced as a student, discuss how a teacher could use at least two of the recommended brain-based strategies mentioned in the reading to improve student success. You may draw from other readings as well, just be certain to cite all sources in APA format.

In your paper, consider what aspects of the strategy are best aligned with what researchers have discovered about the adolescent brain. Are there potential limitations to the strategy you might predict? Does introducing this strategy also create additional challenges?

Submit a paper which is 3 pages in length (excluding the Title and References pages), double-spaced. Cite at least 2 outside sources using APA format. Your paper should demonstrate an understanding of this unit’s learning objectives. Check all content for grammar and spelling. Be sure to cite all your resources.


                           Learning Strategies and Teaching Tips

Reading the brain-based strategies reminded me of my years as a student when several classmates bullied me. As  I recall, there was not that much learning taking place for me, mainly because of the psychological impact of the fear I had. During a lesson, I feared embarrassment and other students’ reactions if I went wrong in a given task or activity. Negative emotions affect learning, and as Phillips (2018) argues, healthy, emotional, physical, and cognitive development is significant to a learner’s successful learning. Brain-based strategies are effective ways to address such negative emotions, thus improving the teaching and learning process. From my perspective as a student, this paper will discuss how a teacher can add emotions through storytelling and interactions through Think-Pair-Share to promote students’ success.

Reflecting on a lesson I have experienced, the teacher should first ensure that the classroom environment is comfortable and safe learning.  A good teacher should create an emotionally healthy environment especially through sharing information addressing various students’ negative emotions such as fear and anxiety …………for help with this assignment contact us via Email Address: consulttutor10@gmail.com

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