Project Management


This assignment has 2 sections each section should have 200-225 words totally 400-450 words answering the questions. The references are below

Section 1 

Describe a scenario in which a change was introduced to an IT project in the design and development phase and discuss the impact on both IT and the business.

Section 2

There are different types of IT project development approaches, including agile, scrum, and waterfall. How would managing change controls differ in these approaches and why?

Sources (or any other web source) 

“Change Control,” by Rouse (2011), located on the TechTarget website.  

“What is Configuration Management?” by Hass (2003), located on the InformIT website.

“Differences Between Waterfall, Iterative Waterfall, Scrum and Lean Software Development (In Pictures!),” located on the Agilista PM website.

“UX in Agile Projects: Taking Stock After 12 years,” by McInerney, from Interactions (2017).


                                           Project Management

                                                    Section 1

During the design and development phase of a project, it is possible to make some changes to the initial plans because it is still at an early stage (Hass, 2003). For instance, a security company in California made some changes in an IT project of redesigning their clients’ outdoor cameras. The original plan was to make the cameras slimmer and improve their video quality. However, still at the design and development phase, a new idea of including light in the camera when they detected motion was introduced. …………for help with this assignment contact us via Email Address:

                                               Section 2

Managing change controls differs in agile, scrum, and waterfall. Agile management operates on the belief that there are changes as a project progresses. Under this approach, Eby (2017) states that the management ensures that cost, time, and quality are considered for successful changes of a project. Instead of saving the whole project and making changes at the end, it is completed in short sprints. With this approach in project development management, managers have to make proficient and quick calls and judgments regarding making changes in the project. …………for help with this assignment contact us via Email Address:

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