Good People Doing Good Things in Our Society


Search newspapers and magazines on the internet for articles that describe that there are still good people doing good things in our society. Upload a link to  the article and discuss your article and how it demonstrates the good in humanity. Your discussion should be 200-250 words


                   Good People Doing Good Things in Our Society

In BBC News’ “Coronavirus Kindness,” the stories show that there are good people who are willing to act selflessly and ensure the wellbeing of other members of the society in the UK. Of interest, there is Beauty Bank, a charity that supplied toiletries to the poor, and more than 3500 people who volunteered for a chance to help those who were stuck up in their homes during the outbreak, especially the elderly and vulnerable.

During the first wave of COVI-19, governments introduced lockdowns, and due to the panic, many people were worried about running out of essential supplies in their houses…………for help with this assignment contact us via Email Address:

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