In 3-5 pages write a research paper 1 or film analysis essay 2 ,

you must research a topic or watch a film related to the second unit of the class. A central premise

of this class is that the informal economy, how it is regulated through policy and how it is researched

presents us with a social justice issue that affects millions. Examine an aspect of informality to

explore informality today and think speculatively about informality in the future. As you write be

sure to answer why this type of informality exists and continues to persist. You must engage

with the assigned materials from the second unit along with your independent research to

build a thesis argument with supporting evidence on the research topic or film of your choice. 



Sex work is one of the most highly considered areas in policy debates. Many sociologists have argued that the notion of comparing prostitution to gendered exploitation has impacted how policies are formed in the 21st century in western countries (Vanwesenbeeck 1632). There are repeated pressures in these countries to use the “Swedish” model that views purchasing of sex as an illegal activity but not the sale of sex. Nonetheless, this approach has been criticized on various bases, especially because it tends to have led to more stigmatized and dangerous working environments for sex workers. Criminalizing sex work and the failure of policy formation to view and recognize sex work as legitimate work hinder the development of initiatives to enhance working conditions and labor rights for sex workers.

At first, most sex workers who provide sexual services to have some income chose this work because it is the best option available to them. According to Wright, many sex workers face destitution and poverty and have limited options for jobs (370). Others get into the sex industry because they view it as an opportunity for more flexible working conditions and better pay than other jobs……………for help with this assignment contact us via email Address:

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