Nursing and Empowerment



  • What do you need to empower others in the clinical setting?
  • What is your responsibility to empower others as clinical nurse managers?
  • How do you prepare others for to exert their power in the workplace?

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                                    Nursing and Empowerment

Leaders in nursing are in a unique position to empower their team members in a clinical setting because they can enhance nurses’ skills and provide them with a platform to exercise them. However, to empower others, one needs to be always positive, have the ability and willingness to delegate tasks, and practice model respect. Regarding staying positive always, to empower others, one must have the ability to control their emotions which enables them to remain calm and collected during rough times. This is especially helpful when nurses turn to the leader for optimism that they are losing rapidly. Thus to empower others, one needs always to maintain positivity. Additionally, one needs to avoid just issuing commands and expecting the nurse to make it happen……………for help with this assignment contact us via email Address:

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