Infant Mortality in TN


Use the textbook,,, and cdc to locate the data.

This assignment is question/answer style. *For questions 5, 6 & 7 include the (source and year) with your answer. *

1. What is the definition of Infant Mortality?

2. What is the definition of the Infant Mortality Rate?

3. What are the major areas of risk factors involved in Infant Mortality?

4. How can Infant Mortality be prevented?

5. Within the United States:

a. List the most recent Infant Mortality Rate for Tennessee you can locate. Source?

b. Where does Tennessee rank in the U.S.? Source?

c. What state has the highest IMR? Source?

d. What state has the lowest IMR? Source?

6. Counties within Tennessee:

a. List the three counties with the lowest infant mortality rates in Tennessee. Source?

b. List the three counties with the highest infant mortality rates in Tennessee. Source?

NOTE: Depending on the source you use, you may find the answer in “regions” rather

than “counties”, if you do-you must list the counties that make up that region.

7. What is Tennessee doing about infant mortality rates? Locate information about 2 programs or

services that are being implemented in Tennessee to combat infant mortality. There’s no one

answer for this question, your answer will depend on your research and source you use.

8. How could infant mortality and/or the information above (rates, locations, risk factors,

prevention, intervention, etc) be a factor in your personal major area/career? (No right or wrong

answer, use your critical thinking skills to answer this question! The answer is not only about the

child that passes & the parents. You must think of the broad aspect of Infant Mortality for this


9. Were you surprised by any of this research – such as the infant mortality rates in TN, the

counties, where TN ranks in the U.S., etc? Why/why not.

10. Include a Works Cited Page for the sources used.  Be sure to put the sources in APA Form


        Infant Mortality In TN


Infant mortality is when infants die before reaching the age of one year.


Infant Mortality Rate is the number of infants that die before their first birthday for a thousand live births.


The major risk factors involved in infant mortality rate include lack of information, sleep habits of the infant, generational misinformation such as passing down unhealthy habits, socioeconomic status and the mothers’ health, age, smoking, and parental care.


The are many practices that can help prevent infant mortality. They include increasing parental care, mitigating unintended pregnancies, avoiding smoking during pregnancy, promoting safe sleep, and managing the mother’s health conditions even before she gets pregnant.


Part A

The most recent Infant Mortality Rate for Tennessee is 7.06 (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2021).

Part B

Regarding Infant Mortality Rate, Tennessee ranks 6th in the US (CDC, 2021).

Part C

The state that has the highest Infant Mortality Rate is Mississippi, 9.07 (CDC, 2021).

Part D

The state that has the lowest Infant Mortality Rate is New Hampshire, 3.07 (CDC, 2021).

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