Critical Review of Literature


Guidelines for Critical Review of Research

Use the resources provided for you below to help you better understand how to go about searching for and reviewing appropriate literature for your topic.

DO NOT use,, Wikipedia or any of that . Those are not credible sources. You are not doing this just to learn about your topic; you are doing it so you learn what kinds of research are out there about your topic and to get ideas for what you might do for your own research design on this topic.

For this assignment:

  1. Choose 3 QUALITATIVE research articles from peer-reviewed professional journals. Must be actual research studies with a methodology section (not just informational like a textbook, and not meta-analysis or review papers of multiple kinds of research). 
  2. For each of the 3 resources you have chosen, cite the source as an APA-style reference, then write one concise paragraph summarizingthat source. Each paragraph should address the following:a) the primary research question(s)b) brief description of participantsc) kinds of research methods used to gather data (e.g., interview, observation, focus group)d) the general results or findings e) any limitations of the study (e.g, what might have been missing, overlooked, etc.)
  3. Next, in 1-2 paragraphs, critically analyze the 3 resources you described. Bring it all together and tell me what you think of these studies as an example of what’s out there on the topic that interests you. What seems to be missing? What are the implications of this research? That is, what can we do with it to affect social change in some way?
  4. Finally, in 1 paragraph, describe some ideas you got from the studies you reviewed that you can use for your own research project in this class. Maybe you got ideas about the kind of research question you want to address; the kinds of participants you want to include; the kind of interview questions you could ask of participants; limitations you want to address, etc.


Include a cover page with your name, date, course number and section, and assignment title. It should be submitted online via Canvas.

You should write in full sentences using academic vocabulary (see sample provided).

This paper does not need a reference section, because each reference will be included in APA style at the start of each paragraph where a resource was reviewed (again, see sample provided).

This paper does not need introductory, concluding, or transition paragraphs.


                                    Critical Review of Literature

                                    Qualitative Research Articles

The research study by Efthymiou and Kington (2017) aimed to explore the development of learning relationships and the development of pedagogical practices of teachers with regard to inclusive education o students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). This study considered two different classes in a primary school where behaviors and views of SEND students, non-SEND students, teaching assistants, and primary schools teachers (Efthymiou & Kington, 2017).  Additionally, a comparison of the two classes was made based on interviews, observations, analyses of classroom decoration and organization, transcripts of dialogues, and focus groups. There were two focus groups, SEND students and non-SEND students, who were to answer questions about views on group and individual-oriented lessons, characteristics of a good student, and friendships and interactions with peers. This article found that the classroom teacher’s practices and behavior are the greatest factors that impact SEND students’ social and educational outcomes (Efthymiou & Kington, 2017). Regarding limitations in this study, it included a small number of students with special educational needs and disabilities in each of the two classes, thus limiting the evidence gathered on student-student and teacher-student interactions. 

Additionally, the qualitative study by Birdwell et al. (2016) explores the district personnel’s perceptions of instructional and inclusive practices for students with special educational needs and disabilities. The study considered two districts where high school principals, 6 lead special education personnel, and 2 high school principals from each district were interviewed. The participant came from two different districts where one used the inclusion approach exclusively while the other combined both pull-out and inclusion approach in helping students needing special education services (Birdwell et al., 2016). Regarding the research design, this research study utilized open-ended, semi-structured interviews where the questionnaire included 12 open-ended questions. The authors found that all participants agreed that relationships between teachers involved and considering each student individually, are crucial in successful inclusive practices……………for help with this assignment contact us via email Address:

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