Reflection over A Class Divided


Directions: Watch the documentary “A Class Divided” (this video is approximately one hour, give yourself time to watch the video and complete the assignment). Immediately write down your reflections to the questions below. Copy the questions onto your document and answer.

Note: The answers should exhibit Critical Thinking and Application of Social Psychological and Child


 You must: read your text; think about the social issues of today; consider child development aged 6-11; determine what issues impact child development, just as racism impacted the social development of the 3rd graders in the video in 1969. Be sure to formulate your answer, use your critical thinking skills to develop the answer, and use the textbook material to show your understanding of developmental theories. Use the concepts in your reflection. Be sure to cite your source (video and text) on a Works Cited Page.

Video: “A Class Divided” Frontline documentary

1. What is your reaction to the documentary?

2. A. Define racism.

B. Define discrimination.

C. What is the difference in racism and

discrimination? (Do not copy/paste definitions)

3. The first part of the documentary, “A Class Divided”, was based on racism, discrimination &

stereotyping in the late 1960’s and was conducted on third grade students, approximately 8 & 9

years of age.

A.     If this experiment were conducted today, in 2021, with 3rd grade students, what issues do you think should be addressed, besides racism? Explain. (See “Note” above!) (This question is about the issues, whether psychological or sociological; it is not about whether this experiment would be allowed to be done today. Read the text first so you will be familiar with social issues of today.)

B.     In terms of cognitive development, explain how this experiment worked on the third graders, approximately 8 years old. (Hint: You will need to include Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development in your answer.)

4. Give your feedback to me regarding the use of this assignment.

5. Include a References Page for the video.

Video link:

*note: this film does have racial slurs in it.*


                                               A Class Divided


The documentary is intriguing and also very inspirational because it teaches more about racism and discrimination, some of the main social issues the world is facing. By showing how various patients responded to being victims of discrimination and trying to show why Martin Luther King was assassinated, Jane Elliot a teacher, the exercises and lesson from this documentary is inspiring and influencing because it teaches children and adults a life learning lesson about discrimination and racism that can stick with them for years (Frontline, 2019).


Part A

Racism is the unfair treatment of people based on their skin color and can lead to great harm to individuals.

Part B

Discrimination is when a person is treated differently, particularly negatively based on some aspect of their identity.

Part C

Unlike racism, discrimination is a broader term because it can be based on various aspects of one’s identity such as gender, age, religion, ethnicity, level of experience, and even race, but racism is specifically based on race.


Part A

If this experiment were conducted today, in 2021, with 3rd-grade students, other issues that should be addressed include poverty and homelessness, and immigration……………for help with this assignment contact us via email Address:

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