6.2: Literary Analysis- Prose Assignment Instructions

6.2: Literary Analysis- Prose Assignment Instructions


You will write a literary analysis paper on the text presented in the last page. In your paper, explore how the author conveys his rhetorical stance that when someone commits a crime, a guilty conscience and un-confessed sin cause more torment and anguish than physical punishment. You

may include other references in addition to your comments on this excerpt. Be sure to analyze tone, metaphor, simile, diction, style, and most importantly, the core meaning of the selections.

Criteria for This Assignment

Length and Formatting Requirements

One to three pages (750 to 1200 words), double spaced Times New Roman, 12-point font

Content Requirements

Develop your topic and argument logically and cohesively. Your thesis should drive the content of your essay.

State specific examples of the literary techniques in your essay (for example, don’t just say the author uses his diction to convey his message; be specific about how and why.)

If you reference additional sources, you must cite your sources in-text and in a Works Cited page.

As you work on the assignment, please review the note on plagiarism if you have any questions as to what you may or may not use from the presented materials and/or outside sources in your paper.


                                 Crime and Punishment

In “Crime and Punishment” Fyodor Dostoevsky, he shows the struggle between the crime committed by the main character Raskolnikov and his confession.  Regarding the text, Dostoevsky uses various literary devices to show that when one commits a crime, they will suffer most from torment than physical punishment, particularly for a guilty conscience and un-confessed soul.

At first, the author focuses less on Raskolnikov’s imprisonment and more on time between crime and punishment. This helps Dostoevsky develop his theme of the psychology of crime and punishment. The irony in Raskolnikov’s confession symbolizes how he was overwhelmed by the sufferings from the torment caused by the many thoughts from his crimes …………for help with this assignment contact us via Email Address: consulttutor10@gmail.com

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