View from My Window


Now, after learning about Niepce’s contributions to the birth of photography, it’s time for you to start exploring photography! 

Your assignment:

View from My Window

Like Niepce, shoot through a window, inside looking out.  Consider the events of the past months and the idea of being inside and outside.  Also, use the concept of a window to spark your imagination.

This should be an intentional composition, not a document.  Be conscious of everything in your image especially lighting and composition.

Shoot 12 unique images (the equivalent of a half roll of film).  Please shoot as JPGs; do not use HEIC. Leave your images in color for editing later with Photopea or Photoshop. 

Indicate your two best photos.

Please describe your idea in the Comments section.

Reminder: all photos submitted must be shot for this class; photos taken previously are not acceptable.


                                                   View from My Window

Among the twelve images I shot through the window, my last two photos were the best. I took them after realizing that it was hard to get a nice photo unless I deliberately included the reflection in images. Therefore, although shooting through a window seemed pretty straightforward to me, I eventually learned how to prevent unwanted reflection in the room which appeared to be the major problem.

After a few trials, I started by turning off the light inside while taking the last two photos. In that case, I realized that when the interior is darker, there were fewer reflections one will have to get rid of. A good example was when …………for help with this assignment contact us via Email Address:

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