Write a research paper on the theory of Karl marx discussed in the Textbook (FInal Paper)


Final Paper

Your final paper will be an in-depth exploration of one of the theories/ theorists explored in class. You will read the full section in the textbook and explore their ideas in your own words. You will find a through-line, theme or focus from which to explore the theory. You must find examples of the theory’s application to contemporary social life and potentially offer critiques of this theory. You are required to include reference to the reading assigned in class and you are encouraged but not required to explore other texts in order to increase your understanding of the ideas. If you write your paper on one of the theorists from which we watched a video, you are required to read their original material. Your final paper will be 6-8 pages (double-spaced). Further details will be discussed in class. Creativity is encouraged.

The project will be graded based on the follow components:

All the material and information is taken from the textbook provided in the pdf section below


  • Sources are relevant to the topic and appropriate for study
  • Topic is researched and described in sufficient depth
  • Effective synthesis, making logical connections between resources and social applications


  • Clearly defined focus and arguments
  • Fully explore important aspects of the topic in sufficient depth and detail
  • Comprehension of research, explained fully, clearly, and accurately
  • Reasoned arguments supported with evidence and analysis
  • Application of theories to social issues
  • Recognition of broader implications of social issues
  • Depth of analysis Application of theory to contemporary life


  • Well-organized, with logical and systematic connections
  • Written clearly and comprehensible; convey coherent and intended meanings
  • Grammar, accurate and effective sentence structure
  • Vocabulary, appropriate for postsecondary level
  • Academic tone (avoids slang, etc)
  • Effective use of quotations and references
  • Personal opinion, I statements and subjectivity are welcome, (backed up with evidence-based knowledge)
  • Any formatting style can be used, so long as it is used formally and properly.


                  Marx’s Theory

In the 19th century, new modes of production, distribution, and communication had resulted in enormous wealth. Karl Marx agreed that industrial capitalism had united and globalized the world, thus enabling it to reach amazing development levels (Ritzer & Stepnisky, 2017). However, there was a problem because the enormous wealth created was not equally distributed. For instance, nearly all the property was owned by a few in the population, where the rest possessed nothing. Moreover, the wealth became more concentrated as the towns and cities became more industrialized, where the rich got richer. Due to competition, some middle class could fall to the working class. Therefore, in Europe, there were only two classes of people: the rich who owned property and the workers who sold labor to them. Marx classified them as bourgeoisie and proletariat, respectively (Ritzer & Stepnisky, 2017). How do Marx’s theory and its analysis of a capitalist society’s foundation still raise questions of justice of income and distribution of wealth in such societies that are even more acute in the current world?  This paper will show that although Marx’s predictions of the workers uniting in opposition to the capitalist class, taking over the state, nationalizing the economy, and eliminating the capitalists failed to be realized, his theory still remains relevant in today’s society.

In Marx’s theory, he viewed capitalism as an inevitable historical change model.   As Ritzer and Stepnisky (2017) states, he imagined that history progressed in one direction, from feudalism, through capitalism and socialism, to communism. Therefore, in his view, capitalism represented a historical evolution stage and not the last or stable state of human organization …………for help with this assignment contact us via Email Address: consulttutor10@gmail.com

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