Western Civilization 2


Write a 3-5 paragraph essay for the prompt below and then upload it as a Word document.

Describe the significance of the Revolutions of 1848, despite their failure. Additionally, what is significant about the places that do not have revolutions?

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Western Civilization 2

As people across Europe revolted against the post-Napoleonic conservative rule from 1848, a wave of revolutions swept across the continent. In various countries, a combination of radical socialists and liberal republicans, and different types of nationalists specifically, people who had little in common but sharing rebellion to Europe’s current system (Evans & Von Strandmann, 2002). Due to these disparities, reactionary forces were able to recover control of the situation by combining a Divide and Conquer strategy with their greater military power. Although the uprisings were defeated by the early part of 1849, they had begun to impact the way many Europeans perceived society.

More than fifty nations were impacted by the increasingly radical uprisings, with France, Austrian Empire, Italy, and the German Confederation’s states seeing the most significant upheavals.……………for help with this assignment contact us via email Address: consulttutor10@gmail.com

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