Sympathetic / Parasympathetic nervous system


Explain the functions of the sympathetic and parasymapthetic nervous sysystems…your answer will explain why the parasympathetic nervous system is called the “couch potato” system while the sympathetic nervous system is called the “fight or flight” system. Give examples. NO WORKS CITED NEEDED


                  The Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Nervous Systems

The automatic nervous system controls the glands and the internal organs and contains two divisions, the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.  At first, the parasympathetic nervous system is referred to as the “couch potato” system because its functions are related to the “rest and digest” response because it is it primarily increases gland and intestinal activity, reduces blood pressure, slows down the heart rate, and relaxes the sphincter muscles in urinary and gastrointestinal tracts.  The final result is regulating basic functions of the body, such as urination and digestion and conserving energy……………for help with this assignment contact us via email Address:

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