Reflection Paper DEL 910 Course Dr. Deana L. Porterfield


Please provide a reflection paper of the Pro-Seminar reflecting the presentation by Dr. Deana L. Porterfield of the “What, So What, and Now What?

I have uploaded an example, and please do not copy the uploaded example and I provided an APF to glean information on Judgment Calls.

Dr. Deana L. Porterfield, as the 11th President of Roberts Wesleyan College and the third President of Northeastern Seminary, is a visionary leader with a passion for faith-based higher education which promotes transformational learning and hope. Dr. Porterfield serves on a number of boards including the CCCU, the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce, and The Palmer Family of Companies. President Porterfield has been recognized as one of the Rochester Business Journal Power 100 list for 2021, a 2020 ATHENA Finalist, the 2018 Rochester Prism Executive of the Year, a Rochester Business Journal 2018 Inaugural Women of Excellence, and a University of La Verne’s 125 Notable Leos for Life in 2017. Dr. Porterfield earned a doctorate in organizational leadership from the University of La Verne in La Verne, CA. She also holds a master’s degree in organizational management and a bachelor’s degree in music from Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, CA. Porterfield lives in Rochester, NY with her husband Doug. They have two married daughters and three grandchildren.

She mainly talked about her trek as an administrator to her present position and what it took for her to get there via the help of God Almighty. 



From Dr. Deana Porterfield’s presentation on 18th November, it was motivating to listen to how she has risen from the hope of becoming a music teacher to the president of Roberts Wesleyan. Her life story is great, but what I found most interesting is how she led a college through a pandemic. Dr. Porterfield states that as a leader, one is always searching for the best decisions and right answers at times of crisis, and all these depend on the judgment calls. Just like during the COVID pandemic, things in leadership will constantly change. When adjustment is needed, it is challenging for leaders to bring those changes and new rules to their teams, community, or organization (Tichy & Bennis, 2007). According to Dr. Porterfield, a leader has to make the best decisions they can, but to achieve this, they should use the best judgment they can in such moments.

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