Methods and Methodology


Review the resources on Methods (data collection tools) and Methodology (procedures) on Canvas. 

Your initial discussion post this week will address topic, research question, participants, informed consent, and interview questions. Use the following outline in writing your post.

    • Remind us of your TOPIC.
    • Your Central Research Question (not a sentence, but a question – overall what do you want to know, so this is not an “interview” question)
    • Description of proposed Study Participants – Example: Preschool teachers who have an undergraduate degree in Child Development and who teach in classrooms with children who are culturally and linguistically diverse. (you don’t have to say WHO or from WHERE – keep this part generic).
      • Because we are going to be interviewing TWO adults for this research project, not any children under 18, your participants should be adults who can help you answer your research question. If your topic is specific to mental health of children and you’ve talked before about using children in your qualitative research, that’s fine, but HERE (and from this point on) you will need to refer to how you can use adults (parent, teacher, college-age student, etc) as someone whose perspectives you will collect through qualitative interviews.
    • Do you have access to these participants for your project? If not, how will you go about finding them and getting them to participate (to help you with this project)? If you need help with this, let your peers know that by saying so here.
    • Include the proposed length of time and place for interviews to be conducted.
    • Share a brief “script” of what you will say to begin your interview (e.g., Thank you so much for…. This study is meant to help us better understand how parents…. etc.)
    • Briefly explain what your Informed Consent letter will need to address, including any specific ethical concerns to warn participants of (risks/benefits, confidentiality, etc.)
  • INTERVIEW QUESTIONS: Conclude your post with approximately 10 carefully-designed, open-ended questions that you will ask in an interview of participants. These should be in a numerical list so peers can refer to question numbers in their responses to you. Depending upon the depth of your topic, some of you might have 7 or 8 questions, while others of you will have 11 or 12. Don’t have more than 12 though or interviews may go too long.


                                                 Methods and Methodology

My topic is the inclusion of students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). According to previous research, there is increasing practice of inclusive education across the world, but this implementation continues to face various challenges. These challenges hinder the adequate provision of SEND students’ needs, thus negatively impacting their academic and behavioral outcomes. Despite the many benefits associated it inclusive education, the process is very slow in development. Teachers are the central part of inclusive education. What are the teachers’ attitudes towards inclusive education? This study aims to determine the attitudes held by general education teachers and special education teachers towards inclusive education. 

The sample will include elementary school teachers from a school district. These teachers should be at least 18 years of age and hold a degree beyond a Bachelor’s degree. The participants will include special education teachers and general education teachers who will be selected based on the convenience and location of the researcher. Information about teachers will be obtained from a district administration office, and after the principal and district approval, the research will request the principal to speak to the teachers of the respective school. The teachers will be provided with an informed consent letter where they can agree or decline to participate in the research. Data will be collected in respective schools where participants will complete a questionnaire related to the topic of the study and participate in an interview of about 10-20 minutes.  ……………for help with this assignment contact us viaemail Address:

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