Marijuana Use


Describe the history of marijuana. Examine the acute effects of marijuana. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of marijuana as a therapeutic medication and the legislation involved in medicinal marijuana.


Drugs, Society, and Criminal Justice
Charles F. Levinthal, 2015

ISBN.13: 978-0-133-80258-0


Marijuana Use

The cannabis plant originally evolved in Central Asia before been introduced to Africa and eventually Europe and America (Tola, 2019). Cannabis seeds were used as food while its fiber was used to make sails, paper, rope, and clothing. Today, cannabis is the most frequently abused illegal substance in the world. Cannabis produces levels of THC in blood plasma detectable almost immediately, and it reaches high concertation within a short period (Levinthal, 2015).  Therefore, the effects of cannabis can be felt 2 hours after the use of the substance.

At first, the admiration of THC has been linked to a deficit in information processing. Following the use of cannabis, an individual experiences slowing of information processing (Levinthal, 2015). Smoking marijuana has also been associated with slower decision-making and less likelihood of making correct decisions. Therefore, marijuana use can cause noticeable deficits in decision-making and planning, especially with regard to response, latency, speed, and accuracy (Wilkie et al., 2016).  Also, high doses of THC caused by acute intoxication significantly impair the measure of impulsivity such as poorly controlled, socially unacceptable, and maladaptive behaviors and inhibits maladaptive responses..…………for help with this assignment contact us via email Address:

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