Leadership Effectiveness and Decision Making in Coaches


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Ch. 6 Leadership Effectiveness and Decision Making in Coaches

Provided by Joanne Leight, Slippery Rock University


You have been appointed head coach of the women’s basketball team at Highscore University. The previous coach left suddenly under mysterious circumstances, and you have only been working with the team for a short time.  Your first game is next week and you have to choose a captain.  You appear to have six choices:

  1. Donna Dunk: A 6’0” Center.  Highly skilled but unpopular with the team because of her extreme mood swings.
  1. Betty Buzzer:  A 5’3” Point Guard.  Very enthusiastic, but lacks the skills necessary to be a good player.
  1. Teresa Three-Point: A 5’8” Guard. Handles the ball better than stressful conditions in the game.
  1. Shannon Sureshot: A 5’9” Guard. A reserved individual, who plays well, but is often afraid of speaking up and telling everyone how she feels.
  1. Connie Charisma: A 5’9” Guard. Last year’s captain who is very domineering and makes decisions quickly with little thought of the ramifications of these decisions.
  1. Sonya Suckup: A 5’4” Point Guard. A responsible player, who plays well.  She is not unpopular but happens to be your daughter.

Who do you choose and why? Address each of the players with your rationale of why or why not she should be chosen. Support your rationale with the information found in the chapters. Use essay format that includes an introduction, supporting paragraphs (one for each of the players) and a conclusion.


    Skills, Teach, and Strategies of Coaching

The selection of a team captain is too important to a team’s success to be left to chance, like doing it through player voting. Experience as a captain, a strong personality, and mental and physical stamina should all be taken into consideration when selecting a touring captain. However, while experience is important, so is personal prowess, but neither factor is as essential as character, personality, enthusiasm, and the ability to think and learn about the game. This paper will determine which of the six choices is the best captain for the first game based on these arguments and recommendations.

At first, knowing which player has credibility and influence among their peers is one of the theories to rely on. Dunk may be talented, but the team wouldn’t put much faith in her ability to remain calm in stressful situations because of her extreme mood swings. Alternatively, if Dunk is under a lot of stress, she might take it out on her teammates, and so on. Buzzer may be enthusiastic about playing, but she may not be seen as a role model by her teammates, making her an ineffective leader.……………for help with this assignment contact us via email Address: consulttutor10@gmail.com

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