Introduction to Humanities: Old Comedy and New Comedy



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Compare Michelangelo’s “David” (Figure 5-8) with Rodin’s “Danaïde” (Figure 5-9). How does each sculptor establish the gender of his figure? Does Rodin achieve more in terms of gender identity by leaving some of the original marble unfinished?

Analyze the “spatial” and “revelatory” functions of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum. Give specific details and incorporate relevant terminology.

Compare and contrast Old Comedy and New Comedy. Describe characteristics of each. Give examples.

Textbook for this course is:

The Humanities Through the Arts

Lee A. Jacobus & F. David Martin, 2018

McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN.13: 978-1-260-15418-4


                            Old Comedy and New Comedy

Regarding the old and new comedies, the two have various similar aspects. The similarities lie in the basic plot of the play, where both aim to overcome an issue. The humor types found in old and new comedies are similar to one another are mostly based on sexual references. Nonetheless, there are some distinctive aspects in each comedy. A major difference is the use of more linear narration techniques in the new comedy and chorus in the old comedies.

At first, old comedies and new comedies are similar, mainly the plays’ actual content rather than the structure. A good example is the ideas in each comedy’s story is to overcome an issue of a particular form. Within the old comedy, Lysistrata, one will find a story attempting to stop the war, while in the new comedies, one will find a story attempting to reunite lovers who have …………for help with this assignment contact us via Email Address:

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