International Human Rights   


Why are the cases of Rwanda and Bosnia held up as failures of the international human

rights community? Explain what happened in those cases and discuss whether or not the

current international human rights regime is capable of effectively ending such atrocities.

Does the concept of IHR fit comfortably with foreign policy? Explain. What types of

challenges/concerns did the events in El Mozote and Romero represent for US policy

makers in the past? Will such events shape decisions in the future?

During the last few classes, you were assigned readings that in some way assessed

whether or not the international human rights regime works (Clark, Hathaway). In what

ways has the regime been strengthened and what weaknesses still persist. In 20 years do

you think the International Human Rights Regime will be stronger or weaker?


                                          International Human Rights           

                                                      Question #1

The events leading up to and during the Rwandan genocide and the fall of the town of the Srebrenica included gross violations of humanitarian law. The events in Bosnia in 1995 showed the failure and less commitment of the international community to protect human rights through safeguarding a region it had declared as a safe place. Despite Srebrenica being under the protection of the United Nations since 1993, its officials were less committed to heeding requests for help, thus allowing the Bosnia Serb forces to violate human rights without interference from the UN forces (Koh, 1998). …………for help with this assignment contact us via Email Address:

                                             Question #2

According to many experts and studies, the concept of IHR is technically fit for purpose, but it does not fit comfortably with foreign policy because of lack of full compliance from the states. Non-compliance is caused by varying priorities and resources, especially between high-income countries and low-and middle-income countries. Regarding the events in El Mozote and Romero, the US to improve the internal strife in El Salvador only made the situation worse where the non-personnel resources and financial resources it offered to the Salvadoran Government were used to increase violence, abuses, and violation of human rights (Binford, 2016). …………for help with this assignment contact us via Email Address:

                                             Question #3

Regarding the strengthening of the international human rights regime, the United Nations remains the central global institution for developing international norms and the legitimate efforts of implementing, but there has been an increase of actors involved. Additionally, according to Ishay (2020),  the international human rights regime existing today has an increased level of institutionality; thus, there is a significant visible evolution of the regime throughout history. However, the increase in the levels of institutionality has not led to an increase in member states’ compliance e with the developed norms (Ishay, 2020) …………for help with this assignment contact us via Email Address:

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