Gun Regulation and Legislation in America


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Final Paper (Problem Analysis)

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This analysis project requires you to tackle a problem within your field of study by first exploring it, its causes, and its impacts.  Then, if you want, you can recommend one or more practical solutions to solve the problem.   

After deciding on the problem you wish to tackle, begin building questions about it. Your goal for the analysis is to answer the questions through your sources. Finding multiple angles and perspectives is ideal so that you explore those possibilities in the final paper before settling on your recommendation.  Be sure to identify what is at stake.  

Here are questions to help guide your analysis: 

  1. What is the problem being addressed (explain, describe, and “prove” that it exists)?  
  2. Who is affected by this problem?  
  3. Why does this problem exist (identify the root causes)?  
  4. Why does the problem persist (identify the major factors that contribute to the problem’s ongoing presence)?  
  5. What is at stake if the problem is not solved? 

  If you decide to include a solution, use these questions to guide you:   

  1. Who can take action?  
  2. What should they do, exactly?  
  3. Why would this help? 
  4. What are the positive and negative aspects of your solution(s)?  


  • PURPOSE:   To analyze a problem and possibly provide a solution 
  • AUDIENCE:   Classmates, others interested in the field 
  • LENGTH:   900 – 1,000 words (Times New Roman font). Please do not go significantly under or above the word count requirement. 
  • SOURCES:   5 (five) sources from the APUS Library (These may include sources you used in previous assignments. Going under this number will cost points in grading.) 
  • FORMAT:   The citation style that is appropriate for your discipline  

Submit your assignment as a Word document attached to the assignment link so it can be automatically processed through Turnitin. Use the template provided. You can save the template with a title like this: Your Name Portfolio Final Paper. 


Gun Regulation and Legislation in America

The problem of gun regulation and legislation in the US is growing as the debates involved are less about guns and more about denying facts. There is also less focus on the effectiveness of gun control specifically government control through regulation and legislation. While the debate over gun control continues to intensify, the main concern is whether the strategies in place are good enough to reduce the current levels of gun violence (Parnell, 2008). The Gun Control Act of 1968 largely influences recent federal policy about gun regulation and legislation. However, laws and policies marked by this Act are seemingly failing because even if they advocate for gun control, it does not effectively protect people from gun violence. Ensuring that there are fewer “bad guys” with guns is the logic that the government and the National Rifle Association (NRA) have been applying, but gun control has failed to bring such a neutral position on guns (Karp, 2018). Therefore, the problem is that even though many gun laws and policies have been established in the US, there has been increasing gun violence.

Researchers and policymakers have been concentrating on other areas of dispute and less on the effectiveness of gun control. Also, for those who consider it in the debate, both sides give contradicting evidence, methodologies, and extrapolations from limited samples.  For instance, proponents of gun control argue that there are lower levels of gun control in countries that have applied stricter gun legislation. However, they overlook the fact that there are countries such as Switzerland where there the gun ownership levels are extremely high, but the rates of homicide rates are much lower. Therefore, disregarding the effectiveness of gun control is a problem because the number of guns in the US is estimated to be over 200 million (Cook, 2020). Also, in the 20 th century alone, the general public acquired approximately 223 million guns, but some of these are presumably not existing or functional (Karp, 2018). However, it is estimated that about 4 million guns are added to these numbers every year, where handguns have been over 50% of new guns in recent years (Cook, 2020) ……………for help with this assignment contact us via email Address:

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