Training and development-Group Training Program




1. Training site

  • Choose a training site for the training and explain the reason why you chose it (p. 205, evaluation of the training room)Choose the place to stay (applies only to overseas training programs) and explain why you chose it.

2. Trainer

  • Choose a trainer/s and explain why you chose him/them

3. Training materials (hard-copies, PowerPoints and other necessary materials) for training

  • Describe training methods, materials and media to be usedWhat kind of material will you use? Why? (p. 209)What other material is necessary? Why?

4.  Seating arrangements

  • Explain how will you arrange the seats for this training program and why.
    • Provide example if possible (p. 207)

5.  Attendance issues

  • Explain how the attendance will be recorded
    • Design and provide the sample attendance sheet
  • Lesson plan (lesson plan should be specific)
    • Design and provide the sample lesson plan


1.  Training outcomes

  • What types of outcomes training is expected to influence (cognitive or behavioral skills)? Explain.

2.   Evaluation methods

  • Will you use formative, summative or the combination of both evaluation methods? Why?List and explain

3.   Return on investment

  • Explain how will you determine the return on investment?

5.   Disruptive trainees

  • Explain how will you deal with the disruptive trainees? (at least 2 suggestions) (p. 215)

6.   Bonus: which part of the deliverable 2 was more challenging?



                                                    Group Training Program

                                                  Training Administrative Issues

Training Site

The training will take place in a conference venue. The training venue is the heart of the session where a conference venue been an unusual venue; it allows the trainer to get creative and inspire the audience (EL Hajjar & Alkhanaizi, 2018). Moreover, the meeting is an off-site and a conference one; it promotes its productivity. Most employees say that they are not engaged in their usual work environment while in the worst case, others are actively disengaged in meetings taking place in their office environment. Therefore, the use of an off-site will help in re-engaging the employees across the board.


Moreover, the trainer chosen should be passionate, a role model and experienced. For an effective training session, the trainer should have these qualities. At first, a trainer should have a passion for helping and teaching others. This quality is important because other teaching skills can be learnt, but this comes from the heart. Additionally, the trainer chosen may or may not be popular, but one who leads by example. This trainer is one who follows all the procedures and principles they teach. Lastly, it is important that trainer to have experience on the particular topic they have been selected to train.

Training Materials

In this training session, a PowerPoint and a video presentation will be the main training materials. Several studies have found that employees will  …………for help with this assignment contact us via Email Address:

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