Art of Political Leaders and Rulers


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Art of Political Leaders and Rulers


Locate 2 advertisements from a recent election campaign. 

  • These can be local, state, or national.
  • These can be political advertisements from mailers, magazines or online. But there must be a picture of the candidate on it as well as information about the office he/ she is running for.  ·      

Analyze the way the candidate is represented, answering the following questions for each advertisement.

0.     What is the color scheme? (Refer to Chapter 1.4 Color)

1.     Where is he or she located?

2.     What are the areas of emphasis?

3.     What is included in (or left out of) the composition?

 4.     Looking at the advertisement objectively, what information can you tell about the candidate (physically, personality, etc.)?

5.     What do you think the candidate is trying to convey through this representation? ·       Upload your photos; then, answer the reflection question.


How did this assignment help to reinforce concepts in this module? Be sure to  refer to required readings and/or supplementary material in your response  and  include citations when appropriate .

YOU MUST INCLUDE A DIRECT QUOTE FROM EITHER the required readings (textbook) and/or supplementary materials (Blackboard) in your response that supports your answer.     

Political Leader and Rulers in Art:

Artworks have been used to assert a leader’s power and influence

-Highlight their right to rule

-Portrayed in an idealized way

-Project an image of military strength

-Propaganda tool


                                Art of Political Leaders and Rulers

American voters had to decide whether to retain President Donald Trump or elect President Joe Biden to the White House. With the two being the largest competitors in the last presidential election, they all employed various strategies to send competitive and powerful messages to citizens. This paper will focus on analyzing their campaign posters.

                              President Biden 2020 Campaign Poster

In President Biden’s poster, the letters are written using a white color which contrasts the dark blue background used at the bottom part. Before and after, the name is blue and red colors used in the logo. Red and blue combine with the white used in the letters to symbolize the country and the party. Thus, the colors are not chosen randomly; they all appear in the American flag, a symbol of the country. The brightness on the top part of the poster where his image is located suggests a brighter future. Furthermore, Biden’s picture is located at the top part of the poster’s center, followed by his name. Placing his picture at the center and at  …………for help with this assignment contact us via Email Address:

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