Facility planning and event management/ skills, teach, and strategies of coaching: Tailgate


(Part A)    Since intoxicated fans can cause numerous negligence claims, facilities often develop different policies to minimize alcohol-related concerns. Numerous situations may arise at pregame tailgate parties, where drinking is a common occurrence. What tailgating policies would you adopt for a college football facility? Highlight at least 5 and explain in detail. Make an initial post of at least 10 sentences

(Part B)  Choose a specific sport and give examples of some potential demands athletes may encounter when competing. Provide some strategies for addressing these demands. Use the information learned in chapter 12 to help guide your post and responses.


                                                 Part A

The absence of appropriate tailgating and alcohol control policies leaves many college football event organizers are exposed to potential negligence claims. Thus, to show sufficient levels of control, sports organizations must establish and execute various policies for individuals attending sports events and activities.

In order to balance the game-day demands of people attending college football events such as students, alumni, non-tailgating ticket holders, and campus security staff, one policy includes restricting pregame tailgating to 3 hours before kickoff and prohibited beer balls, kegs, and other common-source of huge amounts of alcohol. The intervening 3 hours enable people to sober up and digest the alcohol in their system. This can also help reduce alcohol misuse……………for help with this assignment contact us via email Address: consulttutor10@gmail.com

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