Developing and Developed Countries


1) Go to the website

2) On the right side of the page there is a drop down arrow beside a box “please select a county to view”.  Click on the drop down arrow and select a developing country of your choice (i.e. Afghanistan) and a developed country of your choice (i.e. United States).  Click on “people and society” and explore the rankings of the various categories and compare to the rest of the world. 

3)  What would you list as the most important aging issues facing developing nations?  What would you list as the most important issues facing developed nations?  Why?  Elaborate on your response. 


Developing and Developed Countries

While comparing the people and society in various countries across the world, there are important issues facing developing nations and others facing developed nations. At first, population growth remains a major issue for developing nations and one of the main reasons for these nations to remain poor. For instance, India has been categorized as a developing nation because of its huge and rapidly growing population. Even after the economic liberation and opening up of the country’s economy, the country began a growth trajectory, but due to its high population, it cannot have the growth as experienced in developed countries. Additionally, the developing nations have failed to combat population growth by controlling the rate. Even though reducing population have been at the cornerstone of Indian policy, these efforts have been affected by factors such as tradition, ignorance and other factors mainly established by lack of economic growth. Furthermore, in developing nations, essential services such as clean water and healthcare are not assessable by everyone. This explains why a country like India has high maternal mortality and infant mortality rates. High levels of unemployment which is mainly an effect of the high population, is another issue facing developing nations. Higher levels of unemployment lead to more poverty in the nations and less income tax for the governments.  As a result, the developing nations have social instability and poor human development. Lastly education for women to reduce population is another issue facing developing countries, thus leading to lower contraceptive rates and higher birth rates compared to developed countries. It has been challenging to educate women in these countries and empower them to make decisions with regard to reproductive health through birth control programs. Without education for women, not many developing countries are successful in fighting the issue of population growth…………for help with this assignment contact us via email Address:

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