Building Innovations of the Romans


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Discuss the development of the figure in Greek art from the Archaic Period through the Hellenistic Period.

Discuss some of the building innovations of the Romans.

How do Classical themes and symbols continue to be incorporated into Christian art and architecture?

Textbook assigned for this class is:

Art History Vol. 1 Marilyn Stokstad & Michael W. Cothren, 2018 Pearson ISBN.13: 978-0-134-47927-9


                          Building Innovations of the Romans

Throughout history, innovations have shaped and improved the way we live today.  There was too much to discover and invent in the ancient world that could help make life easier. Ancient Rome also made a huge contribution with its well-known innovations that shaped civilizations and the existing technologies. The major Roman building innovations include concrete, arches in building structures, aqueducts, sewers, and sanitation.

At first, the ancient Romans were capable of building new structures quickly and maintain their structural integrity. They developed the revolutionary concrete that enabled them to build lasting and impeccable structures, thus greatly impacting their architectural accession. According to some scientists who analyzed more than 2000 years old piece of concrete retrieved from the Mediterranean Sea…………for help with this or any other assignment contact us via Email Address:

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