Article Review: Collaborative Helping


Article: Madsen, W. C. (2009). Collaborative helping: A practice framework for family‐centered services. Family process48(1), 103-116.

A. Summary of the Article
Write a concise (1 paragraph) overview of the article. Include the purpose for the article, any research that may have been conducted and the methods used to do so, and any results from the study or other important information that the researcher may have collected or commented on relevant to our purposes.

B. Conclusions and Implications
Discuss in 1–2 paragraphs the implications the results of the study may have. Is the information that has been collected useful or practical? Did you agree with the major points of the article or were there any areas of particular concern? Was the article well written and easy to read, or was the information presented in a manner that made it difficult to understand or apply in the real world?

C. Overall Assessment
Give a short 1–2 paragraph overall assessment of the article. Discuss any particular strengths or weaknesses within the study or in the writing. Highlight the benefits, or changes that you might make personally as a result of the information found in the study.


                                           Article Review

The family-centered practice offers numerous services in helping families across a wide range of fields. In “Collaborative Helping: A Practice Framework for Family-Centered Services,” Madsen (2009) introduces the framework of collaborative clinical practice that professionals can apply to families who are yet to respond to more traditional approaches. According to Madsen (2009) collaborative family-centered approach can be productively organized around five broad steps.   Moreover, this article uses a case study of Lyra and her two parents Tom and Betty, as a foundation for illustrating these broad steps. According to this article, collaborative helping is based on four commitments: “striving for cultural curiosity, believing in resourcefulness, working in partnership, and making our work more accountable to the clients we serve.”…………for help with this assignment contact us via Email Address:

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