Addressing Calvin’s Needs



Yesterday, the Executive Director of Rasmussen Help Center, LLC notified your supervisor that a former client would be in need of emergent services. However, because your supervisor is on sick leave, you did not receive the message. “Calvin,” from the Module 03 Written Assignment, is back and has walked through the doors of Rasmussen Help Center, LLC as soon as the clock struck 8:00 am.

He is returning to the agency after a two-week stint in the local county jail. As you are seated at your desk, filing confidential client information, Calvin walks in and says, “Just the person I am looking for. Good morning, how are you?”

Calvin appears disheveled and you see that you will need to spend some time to develop a case plan of action for Calvin. Based on information that you gathered previously, Calvin is in need of a) stable housing. He has no place to live after the last day of this month due to his brother relocating to another state. b) Medical care for diabetes and follow-up care for oncological services after battling and surviving cancer two years ago. c) Psychiatric care due to Calvin indicating a diagnosis of Bipolar I Disorder and a prescription for this disorder. d) Food assistance because he does not have adequate funds to eat nutritiously, if at all, in any a given day.

Though you are ethical in all facets of your work as a Human Services Professional, you want to show your supervisor your continuous initiative in helping the diverse clients of the agency. In a five-page, double-spaced paper, using a minimum of three resources, you will develop a draft for Calvin’s plan of action. In this paper, address the following:

Provide an overview of Calvin’s overall presentation, based upon what you notice about him in your interactions with him, as the Human Services Professional working with him.

Does he appear to be willing to participate in services? Why or why not? Is he able to do so? Why or why not? What evidence do you have of his willingness and/or potential non-compliance in some or all potential areas where intervention is necessary?

Based on the information that has been gathered relative to Calvin’s needs, develop a goal for each area of concern that has been noted and why each goal has been established.

Because Rasmussen Help Center, LLC is an agency in your local community where you work, identify providers within your community that can assist Calvin with each of the areas in which he needs assistance. Include a synopsis of each provider and how these providers can specifically assist Calvin in supporting him progressively towards self-sufficiency.

Discuss how you would engage Calvin towards feeling empowered and resilient so that he is ultimately successful in achieving a better way of life. How should the Human Services Professional engage Calvin towards feeling competent and able to be successful so that he can become independent?

Cultural sensitivity is a skill that is necessary for all Human Services Professionals. What is your specific plan towards ensuring that you are culturally-sensitive when working with Calvin? How can you encourage cultural diversity with colleagues (noting, that a team effort may be necessary when working with clients with complex needs) and why is it important to utilize culturally-based strategies when Human Services Professionals interact with diverse client populations? Why is this important for ensuring that Human Services Professionals develop a rapport with clients?


            Addressing Calvin’s Needs

In my interaction with Calvin, I noted that he needs stable housing, regular medical and psychiatric care, food assistance, and employment. Calvin’s brother is moving, and the idea of becoming homeless again frightens him. Moreover, being a veteran, he has many skills and qualities that can help him acquire a job that can sustain him. However, due to his physical and mental health conditions, medical and psychiatric care are also significant to him becoming stable and achieving a better way of life.

Additionally, Calvin is willing to participate in the services because his return highlights his perception that the services offered will benefit him. Therefore, he has a high expectancy of the services. Also, Calvin is capable of participating in the services because he demonstrates a higher level of motivation, readiness for help and positive outcomes, and personal commitment to the services. As Neukrug (2016) suggests, motivation is a crucial prediction of Calvin’s participation, and his motivation is evident from his desire to receive help and recognition of the problems.  Furthermore, even though Calvin is motivated to participate in the services, he faces multiple stresses, particularly homelessness, lack of enough food, unemployment, physical and mental disorders; thus, all these pressures could be coercing him into the services. Therefore, this can cause challenges to his compliance because he could be doing it because of the pressures. Although addiction issues are a bit demanding for Calvin, he does not display any resistance to any action taken to help make his life better. Therefore, since he will not get to the point of preferring not to be around places where he might be referred to.

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